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Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute participated in the Careers Fair of the “Episcope Konstantin Preslavski University” – Shumen

Scientists from Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute attended the Careers Fair of “Konstantin Preslavski University” in Shumen on 10th and 11th May. The event was organized under Project BG05M2OP001-2.016-0022 “Modernization of higher education on sustainable use of natural resources in Bulgaria” within Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth”. The aim of the event was to organize meetings of the university’s students training in the Plant Protection professional strand with companies, organizations and institutions in the field of plant protection, plant breeding, organic agriculture, entrepreneurship, and technology industries and innovations. At these meetings, the students were informed for existing opportunities for their future realization in the labor market.

Within this event, Assoc. Prof. Hristo Stoyanov from DAI presented the activities of the institute and the possibilities for vocational training of the graduates and career development of the young researchers at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute.

The doors of the institute are widely open for young MA and BA graduates, which, while working and gaining experience in research work and production, are also being trained under doctoral programs and supervised while writing their Ph.D. theses.

The senior researchers at the institute are taking good care and hold high hopes for the young employees to transfer their knowledge and experience in breeding and agro technology of field crops, which is the main area of activity of the institute. Motivation for their career development are the good conditions for experimental work and the broad laboratory equipment to meet their desire for scientific achievements in agriculture.

Good examples of successful research careers in the last few years are Assoc. Prof. Hristo Stoyanov, assistant researcher Atanas Atanasov, assistant researcher Mariana Stefanova, assistant researcher Maria Petrova, assistant researcher Keranka Zhecheva, agronomist Svetlana Dimitrova, agronomist Dimitrina Nikolova, specialist  Antonia Andonova, agronomist Stilyana Velikova, agronomist Verka Alexieva, eng. Miroslav Gospodinov, eng. Siyana Petkova, agronomist Zdravko Stoilov, Alexandra Ivanova, etc.



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