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Field Crop Studies Списание на Добруджански земеделски институт

Since 2004, Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute has been publishing the periodical Field Crops Studies. It is a continuation of the research communications «Scientific papers of DSSNII «Valko Chervenkov» (1956-1957); “Scientific papers of DSSNII” (1958-1960); “Research communications of DSSNII – Tolbuchin” (1961-1962) and “Research communications of the Institute of Wheat and Sunflower near Tolbuchin” (1963). The periodical was first published on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Sci. Nikolay Tsenov, who was its chief editor until 2012. From 2012 to 2016 chief editor was Prof. Dr. Yuliya Encheva, and since 2017 – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Nenova.


Prof. Dr. Sci. Nikolay Tsenov     Prof. Dr. Yuliya Encheva           Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Nenova

Up to now, 14 volumes have been published. Initially it contained research reports and materials presented at conferences and workshops organized and carried out at different research institutes within the system of the Agricultural Academy. In 2018, Field Crops Studies became a periodical. Research papers in the field of genetics, breeding and agro technology of the field crops are being published, as well as materials related to plant genetic resources, plant protection and organic agriculture. Information is presented on new hybrids and varieties of field crops, new research products and agronomy practices.

Research materials on the following topics have been published up to now in “Field Crops Studies”:

  • Breeding and agro technology of cultural plants;
  • Problems of fibre plants and grain bread crops;
  • Sustainable agriculture – a challenge to modern agrarian science;
  • Contemporary accents on the researches in perennial field crops;
  • Breeding of field crops;
  • Breeding and agro technology of barley;
  • Achievements and problems in field crops;
  • Modern tendencies and priorities in the breeding and agro technology of field crops;
  • Traditional and innovative approaches in the breeding and agro technology of the field crops;                    
  • Modern breeding and agro technology of field crops – a guarantee for safety in agriculture;
  • Modern breeding and agro technology of field crops – innovative solutions and perspectives;
  • The innovations in the breeding and agro technology of field crops – an investment in the future of the agrarian science and practice.

The papers are published in Bulgarian and English.

The publication terms are stated at the web site of the periodical The editorial board invites all authors who wish to publish in it to present their original papers at


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Nenova– Chief Editor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Stoyanov – Technical Editor

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