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Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute at the Agrarian Science Celebration in Agricultural Academy

Scientists from Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute participated for another year in the celebration of their professional holiday, October 25th, at the Agricultural Academy in Sofia.

In her congratulatory address to the participants and guests of the celebration, the Vice Chairwoman of the Agricultural Academy Prof. Dr. Violeta Bozhanova pointed out that the mission of agrarian science is related to facing important social challenges such as food security, climate change, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental conservation, rural development and bio economy.

Congratulatory speeches on the occasion were delivered by Mrs. Milena Damyanova, Director of Science Department at the Ministry of Education and Science and by Prof. Hristo Daskalov, a member of the Committee on agriculture, foods and forests at the National Assembly. A congratulatory address was also presented by Mrs. Dessislava Taneva, a Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Commission on agriculture, foods and forests.

In her position as a Chairwoman of the Standing Committee on Innovation and Technologies, Prof. Dr. Violeta Bozhanova handed innovation certificates to the newly habilitated scientists. Sonya Doneva and Hristo Stoyanov from Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute were given their Associate Professor diplomas.


Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute traditionally participated in the annual exhibition “The Gifts of Nature” in the front yard of the Agricultural Academy presenting own stand with products of its research and development activity.

The professional holiday of Bulgarian agricultural science, October 25th, is a well-deserved day of the calendar because for successful development, contemporary agriculture relies on its intellectual treasure – the human intellectual resource with their achievements and practical solutions applied in practice.

Bulgarian land has always been fruitful and generous. However, its goods do not come for free to our table. They are the results of human labor and cares, and the intellectual contribution of the agrarian specialists, without which rural life would not be the same.

The interaction between the agrarian practice and science gives new meaning to Bulgarian agriculture, making it more attractive and gradually turns it into a way of live, while the good farmer puts hopes in agrarian science to alleviate their agricultural work.

The increasingly strengthening relationship between agrarian science and agricultural practice makes October 5th a day of celebration for all people working in the agricultural sphere – from the scientific researcher to the ordinary agricultural worker.

Over the years, Dobrudzha Agricultural institute has gained the position of a leader in the Bulgarian agri-science community due to the joint efforts of researchers, specialists and workers. This day is a particularly pleasant occasion to congratulate ourselves for our achievements and make a wish for new ideas, creative energy for their realization, health and personal happiness!


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